Phnom Penh Maps Collection

At Melon Rouge we created The Black Lab. It is a community of designers, illustrators, developers and inquiring minds. The lab is the room where our personal projects blossom out to meet the world, where the unicorns wandering in our brains can fly around, a land with no clients, no deadlines. A place to simply make the world beautiful. Phnom Penh Map is the No. 1 project, followed by many more.

A collection based on a map shows the viewer a piece of Phnom Penh, gets him or her to feel the lifestyle, remember daily scenes. It is hung on the wall and transports the viewer to the core of the Cambodian capital. With two sizes of map (one A3 and another 40 x 60) we have built an entire atmosphere with notebooks, postcards and t-shirts.


The Black Lab


Art direction, Branding, Graphic design, Identity, Illustration, Photoshooting, Product design


October 18, 2016

The Black Lab