We Care

As a company, we are committed to making a positive impact on Cambodian society. Not just paying taxes.

As part of our social commitment, we have been working pro-bono on carefully selected projects that participate in the development of the local creative industry. Here are some of these projects:


    Histories of the Future showcases Cambodia’s contemporary art links with Australia at the National Museum of Cambodia, in Phnom Penh. We were responsible for the visual identity of the exhibition, communication materials and digital catalogue to showcase the work and biography of all the featured artists.


    Kampuchean Action for Primary Education (KAPE) assists local authorities to improve services provided to schools. We were involved in the production of 75 different teaching tools; posters, board games, flashcards, slides, for schools across Cambodia.


    Phare Ponleu is an NGO well-known for its circus activities. Phare also interweaves with the fields of visual arts, social support and educational programs. Melon Rouge Agency offered internship to all the students of Sonleuk Thmey graphics design studio.


    Our City Festival is Cambodia’s first and only public festival to bring together creative talent from Cambodian cities, to focus on city planning and its influences on contemporary culture. Melon Rouge Agency managed the general communication, t-shirt designs and website creation for the 2012 festival.


    Born of a partnership between Melon Rouge and the French Cultural Institute in 2009, Studio Photo is a free school for fine art photography. We ran this studio for the first three years and allowed the best students to showcase their pictures during the Phnom Penh Photo festival.


    France Volontaires offers information and guidance to people wanting to get involved. Run by experts in volunteering, it helps mobilize the public powers, regional authorities and associations: We handled communication materials, events and exhibitions.


    A unique exhibition showcasing 40 Cambodian masks from 40 artists at The Plantation Hotel. Melon Rouge Agency managed the event communication.


    For over 22 years, Sipar has helped Cambodia fight against illiteracy and develop school and public reading. In 2013, we gave it a new logotype and visual identity.


    The Bodega is a unique space fully managed by Melon Rouge Agency to hold meetings and celebrations, open during the Photo Phnom Penh festival. Each evening was an opportunity to discover new photographic, video, musical, and artistic works.


    The Cambodia Book Fair is an annual event organized at the national level. The aim is to promote the publishing industry in Cambodia and support Cambodian writers and illustrators. We started working with them in 2013 by developing a website, brand identity and design for all their communications materials and we continue to collaborate with them.