Our toolbox for successful brands and campaigns

Melon Rouge is a creative consultancy specializing in communication. We provide integrated brand consulting and creative services to help our clients determine how best to develop and enhance the value of their brands. We have a creative heart and a marketing mind. That, together with our extensive experience, enables us to develop consistent strategies that make brands succeed in their market.



We do research on the needs and goal of each project to assimilate both consumer and industry insights. Our job is to determine the most effective way to reach the goal by analyzing competence and positioning.
In Melon Rouge, we keep up to date with what is going, how our users perform and how users in other markets perform to create new trends.
To drive content we need a good storyline to give to each brand a unique perspective.
Then our goal is to exert an influence over target behaviors, all of which builds brand success.


Branding & marketing

We don’t focus on logos or leaflets; we talk strategy and results to create a true brand experience. Each brand requires a unique approach and specific goals.

We create names to set the tone; we develop a storyline around a brand which we transform into a visual symbol that will be the visual statement.

We become your partner and dig to understand your values and goals and thus deliver the best brand solution to give your brand everything its got .

Our agency has broad experience in brand management, especially creative identity, which has been at the core of our business from its outset.



We create interactive digital tools combining the languages of coding, animation, motion and graphics design in an attractive way.

Mobile apps, serious games, in-store devices, touch screen experiences, responsive design websites and sensor applications: We study existing digital trends to target the best way to reach your audience and make the customer experience more enjoyable.

We base our work on universal design trends and widespread human-machine interactions in order to create unique and high-value experiences that strengthen your brand’s identity and enhance customer loyalty.


Thinking outside the box

Our team represents a full range of specialized fields. Besides that, all its members, from accounting to executive positions, have a creative attitude and different hobbies that help us to go beyond our expertise, to think outside the box.

Our thinking process is always expanded by our other core interests. Because we have lived in several different countries, we have a passion for travel and we are very curious, which equips us to give to your project an extra twist, make it unique and put it a step ahead of your competitors.

We want you to be happy!

We want to make our clients happy, which is why we build strategies that really fit their needs. We provide consultancy based in our experience and always look for the best tools for the best result. Here is a list of our available services: Architecture Plan / Brand Positioning / Brand Research / Brand Strategy / Concept Development / Commercial Publishing / Copywriting / Corporate Branding / Creative Publishing / Digital Marketing / Event Design and Management / Event Marketing / Exhibition Design / Guerrilla Marketing Strategy / Interior Design / Logo Design & Collaterals / Market Analysis / Media Strategy / Mobile Apps / Multi-Device App Development / Museography / Naming Off-line MarketingOutdoor Advertisement Packaging / Press Advertisement / Product Design / Product Photography / Promotion Strategy Re-branding SEO Solutions Tailor-made Photography User Experience Design Website Design

Wanna know how we can help you develop your brand?