Rebranding and communication strategy to increase awareness of contraception and HVI prevention among men.


PSK’s mission is to improve the health of low-income and vulnerable Cambodians through social marketing in collaboration with the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Our job was to create a new communication strategy that included rebranding and a new packaging for a range of condoms to prevent the risk of spreading the human immunodeficiency virus and sexually transmitted diseases in Cambodia. The challenge for PSK was to continue increasing the health impact while better targeting donor subsidies to ensure sustainable and healthy markets. For this project, PSK provided many studies and key findings in Cambodia to better define the target.

Before the launch of the new pack, we were also in charge of pretesting to assure the efficacy of the communication materials created for the project. Packs are in the production phase; communication and marketing materials stand ready for the campaign launch in July 2017.




Advertisement, Art direction, Branding, Campaign, Identity, Strategy


January 7, 2017

Art Direction, branding, communication, packaging, strategy