I’m Lidya Cortberg,

Creative Director

About Lidya

Lidya has more than eight years of experience. She has been developing strategic campaigns for Melon Rouge for over two years now. She has worked with strategic projects such as the WHO Antibiotic Awareness Campaign (behavior change campaign), WEwork collective for WaterSHED (women empowerment campaign). She has a brand expert approach in both the online and offline worlds. She has launched multinational communication campaigns with Getty Images and designed some of the key new brands in Cambodia such as Sinet, Java Café, Mû…

Her Interests

Lidya has a “wild mind and a disciplined eye.” She has a passion for design and likes to merge several worlds to get her job inspiration. When she was younger she wanted to be fashion designer but in the end studied fine arts and ended up creating marketing strategies and brand solutions for clients in several sectors.

Cambodia has given her the opportunity to explore the social sector and allowed her to use design thinking methods.

She likes sports but in her soul, she knows she is very bad at it. Lidya is a coffee addict, just loves music and black and white movies. Her grandmother taught her how to cook and sew and she has been doing those things with love since she was nine years old.

She wears glasses, likes SCI-FI and gets hunger pangs every five minutes.

Professional Experience

  • Since 2014 – Creative Director at Melon Rouge
    Brand Specialist/ Strategist / Manager of the creative team
  • 2013/2014 – Avory Celebrity Access S.l
    Creative Director – Madrid, Spain
  • 2013 – Getty Images
    Head of Art – Spain, Portugal, Italy & France
  • 2012 – Eat Play Snap
    Sr Art Director– Boston, U.S.A
  • 2008/2011 – Gabriel Corchero Studio
    Art Director – Madrid, Spain


  • 2011/2012 – Kaplan International College Boston U.S.A
    English proficiency
  • 2006/2008 – University of Salamanca
    Master’s degree, Graphic Design.
    *Graduated with Honors.
  • 2003/2008 – University of Salamanca
    Bachelor’s degree, Fine and Studio Arts,
    Specialized in Design, Illustration and Photography

Proffesional Courses

  • 2016_Branded Content
  • 2016_Communication Strategies
  • 2014_After Effects CS5
  • 2012_Intensive Web Design
  • 2008_Communication & Marketing


  • Member of The Black Lab
    Asociation of Creative Minds
  • Design Hunter/Writer in the blog
  • San Marcos Awards 2008_First Design Position
  • San Marcos Awards 2008_Design Honor Prize


Lidya Cortberg
Creative Director
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